Mental Health Hour is a podcast hosted by Kayla Cooley and Caitriona Mc Mahon. Both women work tirelessly in the area of suicide prevention and have founded together a voluntary non-profit organisation where trained responders travel out to people in suicidal distress 365 nights a year.

Aside from this both Kayla and Caitriona host a Twitter community hour called #MentalHealthHour where they book guests from all over the world to part-take in live Q&A sessions where people on the community can engage with the experts and guests, ask for opinions, advice and tips.

The podcast is the spin off from the community hour where Kayla and Caitriona get to share their views on topics that arose during the community hour and also to review and talk about current events in the mental health field.

Both women have tonnes of experience in the mental health field and try to use their platforms as a way to engage, learn, teach and bring people together.

“Mental Health Hour is informative, funny and very easy to listen to.”

You can find Mental Health Hour on iTunes, SoundCloud and on the TuneIn app! 

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